Dino  Kuznik

Observations in the Ordinary

I am extremely honored to be included in the new publication from Subjectively Objective called Observations in the Ordinary with the photograph titled Monumental View. Being part of this publication, with so many amazing photographers I have been following and admiring their work throughout the years, makes me extremely happy and proud.
You can preorder the book now for a reduced price of $40 (otherwise $50 when released) through this HERE.

Observations in the Ordinary is a survey of contemporary photography exploring the world around us. Showcasing images from 134 artists, this 140 page hardcover books measures 9.5 x 9.25″ and features a foil stamped cover. Curated by Noah Waldeck.

With work from:

Mitch Fresta, Martin Buday, Peter Nicholson, Leah Frances, Kyler Zeleny, Chris Round, Fred Guillaud, Dino Kužnik, Rob Stephenson, Romain Saccoccio, Arthur Van Erps, Catherine Davis, Mitchell Hurst, Nanó Wallenius & Elias Asselbergh, Xavier Aragonès, William Mark Sommer, Jamie Tilley, Marinos Tsagkarakis, Ray Markham️, Paul Turner, Andrew Turner, Daniel Lebedev, Alexander Dumarey, Dirk Häerle, Ryan Parker, Ron Waite, Emily Najera, Simon Martin, Casey Bennett, Brendon Kahn, Kelvin Bugler, Jan Nijs, Nick Dantzer, Michael Martin, Ivaylo Andreev, Jeroen Bruggenwirth, Emmanual Monzon, Michelle Martins, FeiFan Zhang, Mark Adams, Karl Walsh, Julien Legrand, Lucy Seaton, Lars Ekberg, Benjamin Ramsey, Ben McCann, Jack Garland, Mathieu Houde, Nicholas Gaffney, Nick Zukauskas, Maxwell LaBelle, Simon Byrne️, Arnaud Teicher, Mériol Lehmann, Giona Bridler, Jeannette Kuhn, Kyle McDougall, Nathanial Schmidt, Akos Major, Markham Tuck, Matt Peers, Maciej Leszczynski, Sam Heaney, Ian Baguskas, Mark Griffiths, Maëlle Collin, Vincenzo Pagliuca, Aaron Missling, Mike Bodall, Nicolas Bowen, Joshua Oldfield, Julian Reid, Julien Hairault, Kimberly Maruska️, Brant Slomovic, Yorgos Efthymiadis, Julie Meresse, Ezra Fike, Hong-An Tran, Alnis Stakle, Zisis Kardianos, Travis Shaffer, Franck Doussot, Paul Sisson, JW Lawson, Fred Mitchell, Mathieu Lion, Peter Ydeen, Daniel King, Alana Celii, Alessandro Zanoni, Andy Feltham, Lucy Krebsbach, Maurice Lye, Sam Stockman, Guillaume Tomasi, Marco Kneise, Marcela Gómez, Samuel James Pierce, Marcos Zegers, Matthias Jung, Sean Wysong, Ivan Echevarria, Gleb Simonov, Cody Schlabaugh, Samantha Shroyer, Taylor Rhoads, Jeff Downer, Brad Ziegler, Cam Bartkus, Sem Langendijk, Steve Koss, Kristen Bartley, Ioanna Sakellaraki, Lisa Gidley, Glendon McGowan, Joseph Ritchie, Levi Mandel, Kristin Kirkley, Stanley Bloom, Lewis Ableidinger, Lawrence Braun, Leonardo Magrelli, Olivier Pirard, Richard Lakos, Matthew Portch, Sebastian Rogowski, Ben Davies, John Sanderson, Noah Waldeck, Joel Jimenez, Dave Jordano, Will Cox & Daniel George

Street Sans Frontières 2019

I am honored to say I will be participating at Street Sans Frontières this year too.
Thank you Martin Vegas for the invitation to the exhibition.
“From May 17 to May 19, our collective will be back in Paris for the 2019 edition of Street Sans Frontières. This international exhibition, curated by Martin Vegas, will be attended by 80 authors from 5 continents who showcase the best of contemporary street and documentary photography. Street Sans Frontières aims to give a wider view of what happens in the streets around us and explores the relationship between humans and their environment. From amateurs to established artists, these photographers are able to capture stories in different forms and deliver them to us, showing what happens in the streets of the world, through the outstanding and inspiring images we are proud to share.”
You can learn more about it here.

Late Starting Dawn

I am happy to say that my first solo publication has been released through Pomegranate Press.
You can get your copy here.


36 pages, full size 8.5×11 full color


First edition of 80 copies -  SOLD OUT
Second edition of 50 copies


Thank you for the support!