A Tribute to What is Always Present / Genesis NFT mini-series with Arnaud Montagard

Traveling back in time through a road trip on the East Coast of the USA, where reminders of post-war modernism from the '50s and '60s are still with us today, but we might quickly miss them as a casual observer.

Along the eastern shore, motels resplendent with fake palm trees, bright neon signs, vibrant facades, and space-age designs bring the feelings of nostalgia but also the realization of the aggressive gentrification and the slow vanishing of old America.

Growing up in Europe, the two photographers - both separately (one from Slovenia and the other from France) were influenced by American culture. Either through the moving image, music, literature, or the westernization of their country - the influence was strong and prevalent in the 90s and 00s when they were growing up. The locations they photograph tell a story of this influence and reference pop culture.

The subjects in their photographs tell the tale of shifting times and increased affluence in the post-war USA. In the fast transformation and gentrification of the USA in the past decade - this series is a tribute, a tribute to what is always present and iconic. The duo reveals the "beauty of the good old days", which is so easily missed by taking our surroundings for granted.

The two photographers explored the East Coast of the USA, which has been the number one fun-filled family vacation destination for many generations. These places remind the duo of nostalgic moments that they never lived through but experienced in their deepest dreams. It is perceived as a sense of temporality; America is full of changes and at the same time attached to its strong iconicity from the past.



Editions of 01/01, 5 Minted, Pixel Size 4800x6000, Video Size 4096 × 2160
The JPEG NFT comes with a signed 16x20 print (16x22 w/ white border)
Printed on Canson Platine museum quality paper
Created by Dino Kužnik & Arnaud Montagard